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Nursing Home/Rehab Ctr.
Careage HillsContact:   
725 N 2nd St
Cherokee, IA 51012
Phone: 712-225-2561

We are deeply dedicated to providing quality elderly care in a homelike environment that promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Executive Director Jenny Kabrick and the rest of our professional staff will gladly attend to your needs.

Careage Hills Care CenterContact:  
725 N 2nd
Cherokee, IA 51012
Phone: (712) 225-2561

Cherokee Villa Nursing and Rehab CenterContact:    
Kristi Schubert
1011 N. Roosevelt Ave
Cherokee, IA 51012
Phone: (712) 225-5189
Fax: (712) 225-6498

Created in 1988, Care Initiatives is the largest single operator of quality nursing homes in Iowa. We currently serve over 3,000 older Iowans and through 45 nursing homes, 8 assisted living locations and 4 independent living units . Our home office is located in West Des Moines, Iowa.
We are committed to providing for the special needs of the elderly throughout Iowa. All of our facilities are Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) as well as Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), providing regular medical, nursing, social and rehabilitative services. All of our facilities also provide professional nursing care for those who need 24-hour nursing services.

Country Side EstatesContact:   
Sharon Nicoliasen
921 Riverview Drive
Cherokee, IA 51012
Phone: (712) 225-5724

Heartland Care CenterContact:  
Lou Rogge, Administrator
604 E. Fenton
Marcus, IA 51035
Phone: (712) 376-2500

Sunset KnollContact:    
401 West 5th Street
Aurelia, IA 51005
Phone: (712) 434-2294

Sunset Knoll Care & Rehab Center is a health care facility that includes nursing, skilled, respite and hospice care in our continuum of care. We are located in a residential neighborhood in Aurelia, Iowa and enjoy a park-like campus. Sunset Knoll was opened in 1962 and has been privately owned by stock-holders since that time. Our facility was started by the people of Aurelia who wanted a place for their family and friends to receive the help they needed