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"In the Beautiful Little Sioux Valley"

With the strong sense of pride in this thriving hamlet, the community of Quimby, Iowa is a small town that encourages economic and social growth.  Quimby's business community has inspired several successful entrepreneurial endeavors.  Dedicated community members have created places and events that encourage community involvement as well as inviting others to town. 

Quimby was founded in August 1887 and was originally named Wendell.  However, citizens felt that Wendell was a "too Republican sounding name" so the Quimby label came into play.  The name itself was taken from the Assistant Superintendent of the Illinois Central Railroad and was officially set up on October 3, 1887.  In a matter of months, the town had two grain elevators, a grocery store, a general store, a hotel, a creamery and a hardware store.  Most of the original homes built here were to house the business owners.  In 1889, Quimby's first newspaper, the Quimby Herald, was distributed to the town's population. 

Current Economic Climate
Quimby is home to Simonsen Industries, Inc., founded by the Simonsen family in 1928.  This company started on the family farm as a small rendering plant, selling protein meal to area farmers.  After WW II, the next generation of Simonsens' took their place in the family business with an eye to the future, developing a line of fertilizer spreaders.  Emerging technologies have been and continue to be an important focus on the company's progress.  Quimby hosts a diner with "down-home" dinners that attract a wide array of customers.  The Quilt Shop offers area crafters supplies and advice.  Central Bank has a small branch here, too.

The first school in Quimby was erected in 1871, followed by another one in 1889.  A third construction was completed on the south end of town in 1923 and christened Quimby Consolidated.  In 1961, the school merged with the neighboring town of Washta to become the Willow Community School district and later became part of the River Valley School District.  The public library offers library services to the school and public.  

Local Events and Attractions
The 3,500 yard/ 9-hole/ par 36 course and clubhouse is a beautiful attraction to the town of Quimby.  The rolling landscape nestled in the Little Sioux River Valley features an irrigation system and a storage building for equipment.  The clubhouse, which is located at the site, is available for private parties and wedding events.  The annual Watermelon Days Golf Tournament is held here every June.

The Quimby Town & Country Watermelon Days celebration is held every June.  Over 3,000 pounds of watermelon are served while a multitude of golfers take to the greens for the Watermelon Days Golf Tournament.  Amusement rides and a Kiddies' Parade are held for the children.  Other attractions include a beer garden, chances to win cash prizes, and several food and beverage stands.

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