Buildings and Sites

Buildings and Sites

These are some of our most exciting properties available right now.

Building Sites

There are several building sites available in Cherokee County. 

Available Buildings
We have buildings available in Cherokee County to meet your needs.  


County Seat of Cherokee County and a hub for regional retail and business activity in northwest Iowa, the city of Cherokee is a center of growth. It has access to one-fourth of the U.S. Market by overnight freight, outstanding private air transportation facilities and a well-educated, highly productive work force that makes it an excellent choice for business and industry. Cherokee is also safe and friendly, where you can enjoy the small town atmosphere with less stress and at the same time have access to cultural and recreational opportunities in great variety. Area residents enjoy the local symphony, community theater, Sanford Museum and Planetarium and a vast city and county park system. Our progressive school district provides excellent K through 12 education including both college prep and vocational training. Cherokee's business and community leaders are committed to growth through a strong public/private partnership with the county officials and surrounding communities.  Click here to learn more about the communities in Cherokee County.