Recreational & Cultural

MMC Blue Ribbon

The City of Cherokee was awarded one of the first Cultural Districts by the State of Iowa in 2004.  This community features a wide array of cultural and entertainment opportunities.  We have an acclaimed symphony orchestra as well as a thriving community theater.  Live music is available every week in downtown Cherokee.  Our retail community boasts niche stores and boutiques that support the artistic inclination of our population.  The history of our area is important and alive in our community.

Cherokee County communities as a whole are culturally inclined.  One can find concerts, plays, and community events to satify any entertainment taste.  Listed below are many of our available cultural and recreational opportunities.  Do yourself a favor and come see these in person!



The Little Sioux River & the Inkpaduta Canoe Trail

Cherokee County Park System

Spring Lake Park

Gillette Park and Bacon Aquatic Center

Cherokee Golf Course


Cherokee Regional Wellness Center 



Sanford Museum

Depot Renovation, Inc.

Cherokee Public Library



Cherokee Symphony Association

Cherokee Community Theater

American Theater 

Cherokee Institute of Performing Arts

Cherokee Jazz and Blues Festival - Become a fan of the Cherokee Jazz and Blues Festival on Facebook